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13 Best Camping Blankets for Outdoor Adventures in 2022


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What do camping and Netflix have in common? A cozy blanket. Whether you’re setting up your tent off-trail after a day of hiking, or posting up with some popcorn to finish the new season of Emily in Paris, a warm, snuggly camping blanket is *chef’s kiss*.

Problem is, you can’t exactly go lugging your comforter into the backcountry. And when you’re dropping popcorn kernels and spilling coffee all over the couch mid-Hulu binge, designer throws and artisan quilts just won’t cut it. That’s the great thing about investing in a solid camping blanket—they’re durable, they’re packable, and they can be used inside or out.

On the trail or in the car, camping blankets are the dark horse of gear. Most are light enough to roll up and squeeze down, taking up little to no space in your precious pack. Unrolled, you can snuggle underneath them as a sleeping bag, lay them down as a picnic blanket, throw them over your shoulders as a sweater, fold them up and use them as a pillow—the list goes on and on. Indoors, they’re just as versatile, often spill-proof, crumb-proof, and pet-hair proof for lazy lounging around the house.

Ready to snuggle up? Scroll to find the best camping blankets money can buy, bound to keep you totally comfortable wherever your roam.

The best camping blankets to use outdoors, or in

Pendleton, Yakima Camp Blanket — $234.00

The warmest material you can sleep under is wool. While it’s harder to pack, it will do the best at keeping you snug as a bug under the stars (or while watching Hulu on the sofa).

Pendleton is known for their heirloom-quality textiles, like this blanket that’s crafted from soft-not-scratchy virgin wool. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, so even though it comes at a steep price, it’s worth every penny, and will stand the test of time.

What reviews say: I was searching for the best adventure blanket, particularly something durable and very warm. The Yakima Camp Blanket kept getting near the top or every review list and I checked it out and it’s legitimately an incredible blanket… I’m very pleased I take it outside often and have it around the house as well” – Backcountry customer

Kelty, Galactic Down Blanet — $130.00

If wool isn’t your thing, I highly recommend Kelty’s Galactic Down Blanket, which lives up to its out-of-this-world-name. It’s filled with 550-down that’s perfectly packable and lightweight, making it easy to stow on hikes, rides, and more. The space-y print doesn’t hurt, either, and looks just as good in a tent as it does draped over your favorite recliner.

What reviews say: “I have been so pleased with this blanket. I took it out for winter backpacking and I love the weight and how small it gets in your pack… Perfect addition to my gear list” – Kelty customer

Rumpl, Original Puffy Blanket — $99.00

By now, you’ve probably seen these colorful puffy blankets somewhere on your Instagram feed. Yes, they really are that good. For $99, the Original Puffy from Rumpl is light but cozy, filled with a recycled synthetic insulation that’s durable and water-resistant. It’s also washable, so if you drop your S’mores or spill your morning coffee, no worrying about how the heck you’re going to clean it. And it’s made from recycled materials, making it more sustainable option compared to traditional down.

What reviews say: “Camping gear should be as beautiful as nature. Taking this blanket home is like having a piece of the sunrise to keep me warm!” – Rumpl customer

Therm-A-Rest, Argo Blanket — $110.00

Hot sleeper? Go for the Argo Blanket by Therm-A-Rest. Like the rest of the brand’s signature sleeping sets, it’s a premium product you can rely on for a cool night under the stars. Best part is definitely the draw cord at the bottom of the blanket, which can be pulled around your feet for localized roasty-toastiness.

What reviews say: “We got this to use camping. Have used it as a wrap outside in the cold as well as putting it over the sleeping bag for added warmth. However, we have also used it on our bed. Looks great and is functional” – Therm-A-Rest customer

Nemo Equipment, Puffin Insulated Blanket — $100.00

Another foot-friendly favorite is the Nemo Equipment Puffin, which has landed itself at the top of many camping gear round-ups. Between the cozy foot nook, the fillable stuff-sack-turned-pillow, and the rounded corners for keeping heat in, it’s another budget-friendly blanket that won’t disappoint.

What reviews say: “This blanket is amazing. The foot box is great especially in a hammock so you don’t have to keep adjusting it as you sleep. Equally great around a camp fire just to cover your legs or wrap around your shoulders in the chair” – Amazon customer

Poler, Reversible Camping Poncho — $99.00

We’ve all been there—you’re snuggly and warm, but have to get up to pee or get a drink—and you don’t want to get cold. Enter: Poler’s nifty blanket poncho, which gives you on-the-go comfort without sacrificing your body heat. Lounging around? Unsnap the arms to enjoy blanket mode. Have to get up? Snap up the arms and off you go. If Snuggie had a waaay cool older cousin, this would be it.

What reviews say: “Amazing. Cute. Funny. Cozy. I love it so much and I am super warm” – Poler customer

Sea to Summit, Ember Ultralight Down Quilt — $300.00

Hardcore campers, check out this bad boy from Sea to Summit. It’s a 650-fill dry down quilt that comes in three temperatures ratings (50°F, 35°F, and 25°F,) so you can hone in on the time of warmth you need. Paired with its matching sleeping mat, you’ll be sleeping in luxury.

What reviews say: “I have been using my Sea to Summit Ascent sleeping bag as a quilt (unzip one side and drape it over me) for quite some time, so I finally decided to give an actual quilt a try. Most excellent experience!” – Sea to Summit customer.

Yeti, Lowlands Waterproof Outdoor Blanket — $200.00

Just like their ridiculously tough coolers, this outdoor blanket is one of the most durable things you could ever own. While the lining is super soft and cozy, the exterior is completely waterproof, meaning you can spill, drip, and dip worry-free. Plus, it’s fur-proof. So if Fido or Fluffy comes along for the camping trip, pet hair just bounces off with ease.

What reviews say: “I use this all the time. Concerts, picnics, going to the beach, and even use it for extra insulation (and protection from dog claws) in my tent. It holds up every time” – Yeti customer.

Smartwool, Merino 250 Stripe Pattern Blanket — $175.00

Smartwool makes another wool option that’ll let you get your beauty sleep whether you’re outside or in. It’s made from 100 percent merino wool, meaning it’s thermo-regulating and anti-microbial (something you definitely want in a good camping blanket). It’s also machine washable, no dry cleaner needed.

What reviews say: “I sleep with this blanket every night! It hasn’t left my bed since I got it. A great product and so breathable, yet warm. Super soft and cozy!” – Smartwool customer.

Stoic, Basecamp Bivy Double Quilt — $43.00

Car camps, summer getaways, beach trips—bring this insulated quilt wherever you roam. It’s big enough for two people to snuggle comfortably, without someone having to fight for more covers. It’s feature-friendly, too, with a waterproof exterior and tie-downs in case you want to fit it to your sleeping pad.

What reviews say: “This is light, warm and comfortable. I use this instead of a sleeping bag. I also use it at home as my house can get cold” – Backcountry customer.

L.L. Bean, Mountain Classic Camp Blanket — $79.00

Puffy, compact, and cozy, L.L.Bean’s camp blanket is a classic. While the ripstop exterior keeps water out, the polyfill keeps heat in, so you can relax worry-free. For less than $100, it’s worth keeping one in your pack, your car, your living room—wherever you may end up.

What reviews say: “Very warm, very light weight, comfortable against your skin and easily folds back up into its self-bag. Great to have outside on chilly and cold nights!” – L.L.Bean customer.

Get Out Gear, Down Blanket — $70.00

Another affordable option comes from Get Out Gear. Each blanket has everything you want in an outdoor (or indoor) staple: 650-fill that’s packable, a light weight of just 1.1 pounds, and water-resistance for worry-free relaxing. Fun fact: It also snaps down the middle, turning it into a wearable so you can walk around and stay warm.

What reviews say: “I have been so impressed with the quality, ultralight weight and warmth of this down blanket that I have been using it in place of my sleeping bag for camping. It is perfectly adequate just by itself for warmer nights, but with a few simple modifications, it keeps me warm and comfortable even when the air is 45 degrees °F” – Amazon customer.

Kammock, Bobcat 45°F — $199.00

Before you plan that spring camping trip, add this trail quilt to your cart. Rated for 45ºF, it’ll keep you warm when the daytime temps are warm but the night time temps drop. You can use it multiple ways, too: as a poncho, sleeping bag, or as a Kammock hammock liner.

What reviews say: “Purchased a Bobcat quilt to use primarily as a poncho liner and very happy with the size, weight, quality and warmth. Whether car camping or backcountry hiking, staying warm and having a great night of sleep is priceless” – Kammock customer.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.



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