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Every season is hiking season and we are obsessed with our hiking gear! If you are looking for backpacking gear that is reliable, comfortable, and tested, then this Go-To Hiking Gear for Women post is for you. Check out our backpacking essentials now!

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Have you ever noticed how amazing you feel after spending time outside? Even if it is just a 15-minute walk outside on your break? We’ve noticed. There is nothing like spending time outside and we really try to make it a priority on Team Fit Foodie! Even more, we love to get our hike on and wanted to share some of our favorite backpacking essentials with all of YOU.

Over the last couple of months, we have done some hiking locally and internationally! One of my favorite travel experiences over the past couple years has definitely been hiking in NORWAY (Read about that HERE).  You just can’t beat the mountains in Norway. Active vacations are my jam and do I dare say that I prefer mountain vacations over beach vacations? HECK YES. Team Fit Foodie tries to get a hike in everywhere we go. Check out our travel posts to Red Rocks Canyon, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, The Boundary Waters, and Utah. We try our best to travel on a budget and #getoutside as much as we can.

Ever since we have been posting more about where we travel and what we do, all of you have been asking about our hiking packs, hiking socks, best hiking pants, and just what to wear hiking in general. We heard you! We have put together a list of all of our favorite things, from rain jackets to hiking packs.


Let’s talk hiking clothes. When it comes to what we wear when we hike it is all about comfort and functionality. By no means are we experts in the hiking gear realm just yet, but we know what we like and what works for us. I need a rain jacket that will actually keep me dry and a bra that will hold my girls in. I need socks that will protect my feet from horrible blisters and I NEED layers. There is nothing worse than not being prepared when the elements take charge. Below are our some of our favorite tank tops, base layers, and more!

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Jackets
  • Bras


We have done a lot of our hiking in the last year in the desert and we really found out how important sun protection is. Some of our most important hiking gear is our sunglasses and hats! Check them out below.


Are you a hiking boot kind of a gal or do you like to wear trail running shoes when you hike? The jury is still out on what we prefer, but we are all rocking different hiking boots right now. One thing we all agree on is SOCKS. We need sturdy and comfortable socks no matter what footwear we are rocking. We can also all agree on the fact that we love Chacos. A hike that involves some water + rough terrain is perfect for Chacos.


SNACKS. Nobody needs to get hangry on a hike. Along with water, healthy and nourishing hiking snacks are essential when we go on a hike! We love to bring apples, clementines, and sandwiches on our hike, but here are some of our go-to packaged hiking snacks. YUM.


We have spent the last year searching for our favorite packs. Each of us has our favorite hiking packs, camelbacks, and water bottles! Also, don’t forget to bring ALL of the carabiners, because you just never know when you’ll need one!

Other Team Fit Foodie Hiking Gear Favorites

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