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8 Big Toiletry Bags That Are Travel Knights in Shining Armor


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While anticipating, planning, making lists, and scouring over maps before a trip can give you the same fluttery feeling as a new crush, the packing part—especially when it comes to toiletries—can be a drag. What will my post airplane or road trip skin be like? How many products from my 12-step regimen do I actually need? Will I be dry or oily? Can I even take this bottle on board? And finally, how will I ever fit everything into a single toiletry bag unless it comes with a Mary Poppins level extension pack? Whether you’re planning to go near or far, a big toiletry bag is an essential if you’re dedicated to your skin-care routine.

That said, with so many pouches, packs, and cases on the market, finding the perfect toiletry bag for you comes down to how long you’re going away for, and what you need to store. If you’re going on a workaction (WFH vacation) to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few months, you might want something that can comfortably hang over your bathroom door, while a weekend trip to the beach to catch the last whispers of warm weather calls for a transparent, waterproof pouch so you can grab your sunscreen to reapply in a pinch.

A good toiletry bag will be the right size, protective enough to mitigate the occasional spill that’ll ruin your favorite sweater, will keep everything organized, and will be made from a durable and washable material. Scroll down to shop our 8 favorite big toiletry bags that will hold your whole routine and so much more.


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The best big toiletry bags on the market right now

Dagne Dover Large Hunter Toiletry Bag — $60.00

This neoprene pouch is like the makeup bag Hermione Granger never told us about. It’s truly magical. The Hunter has side snap button clasps that can expand the bag to fit even more. It’s the perfect choice for longer trips, because it features a mesh pocket, three loops to hold cylindrical containers, and two removable pouches that are great for small items, Q-tips, or jewelry, keeping you supremely organized. Plus, because it’s insulated, you won’t have to worry about applying a toasty toner in the morning.

Simplify Hanging Mesh Toiletry Bag — $17.00

Love brushing your teeth in the shower? This hanging toiletry bag is mesh, so it’s perfect for storing your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and all of your other bathing essentials without worrying about water pooling at the bottom of your bag. There’s also a pouch to keep your razor safe on the go.

Ban.do Block Party Getaway Toiletry Bag — $24.00

Bring a pop of color into your packing routine with this bright, patterned number from Ban.do. The mesh pockets are convenient for keeping your goods organized, while the flat lay and malleable fabric make shoving it into the corner of your carry-on a breeze.

Consigned Zip Top Toiletry Bag — $19.00

Think pink. This nylon bag is squishy enough to shove all of your supplies in and pack away into an already stuffed weekender. The pink color makes it easy to spot, and the fabric is quick to clean with a wash cloth.

Royce Leather Deluxe Toiletry Bag — $180.00

This durable, luxury option made from soft leather is the perfect reminder that convenience is king. The main compartment holds most of your essentials, while the side, zippered pockets are great for easy access. The top strap also makes it easy to hang on the back of your bathroom door.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.



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