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Amber Heard’s ‘My dog stepped on a bee’ testimony mocked on TikTok


The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial has been dominating headlines for weeks with dramatic and disturbing claims of abuse. But a new, seemingly random tidbit from Heard has become TikTok’s newest obsession.

A snippet from her testimony on May 4 has gone viral with TikTok users writing rhymes to make poems inspired by her quote.

“My dog stepped on a bee,” Heard recalled to the court before wincing while giving details about a day she and her ex-husband Depp got into a vicious fight.

TikTokers have become obsessed with the quick clip and are adding bits and stitching together videos of their own random rhymes and winces.

Hundreds of videos have been made — gathering hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views. The viral videos begin with the original “My dog stepped on a bee” clip from Heard’s testimony before TikTokkers break out into their own poetry.

“My dad had to pee,” a man says before user Cloeann Hardee sorrowfully says, “I forgot my house key” in a video that has amassed 6.3 million views.

“My child spilt my tea,” a woman complains. “Jimmy Saville shagged me,” TikTokker Ben Cotton finished the rhyme for his 2.6 million viewers.

And a user who goes by Zeusliftsheavy pieced the clip of Heard with a snippet from Queen’s music video for their 1984 single “I Want to Break Free.” The video compilation has gathered 1.8 million views.

In another viral video, which has 2.2 million views on the Vinyl Haus account, a virtual bee is seen floating through the air saying, “Amber’s telling lies about me.”

The viral trend has made fun of what appears to be a random detail from Heard but comes from another day of chilling testimony.

Heard told the jury how her dog injured itself, leading her to a veterinarian’s office on the day she claimed Depp forced a “cavity search” on her. The actress said it was the same day they had taken psychotropic mushrooms during a trip to the Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree, California, with friends.

Heard testified that Depp accused her of hiding his drugs, ripped her dress and started patting her down.

“He was telling me, ‘We’re going to do a cavity search,’” she said with a whimper.

“He just shoved his fingers inside me,” she continued, adding that she “just stood there standing at the stupid light” as he twisted his fingers around inside her.

Heard is defending herself against claims she defamed Depp and ended his Hollywood career when she wrote a 2018 op-ed in the Washington Post describing herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” Although the piece did not name Depp, readers were quick to connect her ex-husband to the accusations of abuse.

Depp took the stand in the beginning weeks of the trial in Virginia, which is on pause until May 16 and is expected to wrap up at the end of the month.



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