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Amit Shah’s inspiring journey will guide the next generation, says Fadnavis at book launch event


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 27 (ANI): Releasing the Marathi translated book ‘Amit Shah and BJP’s journey’ at Rabindra Natyamandir in Mumbai’s Dadar, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis said that Shah’s inspiring journey will guide the new generation.

Fadnavis said that Shah has a unique art of converting challenges into opportunities, adding that he always insists that the most backward people of the society should be the centrepiece of the party.

Addressing the book launch event, Shah said, “Devendra Fadnavis said that the book ‘Amit Shah and BJP’s journey’ written on Union Home Minister Amit Shah is an important graph of his journey. It tells how an ordinary worker grows in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Amit Shah’s personality cannot be understood just by winning or losing elections. Many chapters have emerged from this book, such as the newly formed disciplined structure of the BJP, Sangh’s values at the grassroots level, his journey across the country to expand the party, and his constant interactions with the party workers.”He further said, “Opponents often try to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi by targeting Amit Shah. However, the strong and sensitive Amit Bhai overpowered the opposition. His appreciation as a modern Chanakya is significant. He considers Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chanakya and Savarkar as his inspiration. He has written a book in Gujarati after studying the history of Marathas and it will be published soon. Amit Shah, who looks strong from above, is a family man. Fadnavis said that he is well versed in Indian music.””In 2014, when it was decided to fight without an alliance with Shiv Sena, Amit Shah was in Mumbai for one and a half months observing the election. As a result, BJP got great success and this myth was changed changed the myth that Shiv Sena is the elder brother and the BJP is the younger brother. It was because of Amit Shah that Maharashtra understood who is the elder brother,” he added. (ANI)



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