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Asian Paints and Start India Foundation launch Start Care with the First Initiative at a Children’s Hospital in Noida


Noida (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 2 (ANI/NewsVoir): Start India Foundation in collaboration with Asian Paints have launched the very first Start Care initiative.

The annual project is an art intervention that aims to bring art into government-run institutions. The first to benefit under this initiative is The Post Graduate Institute of Child Health, Noida.

A hospital’s physical environment affects the patient’s recovery time. A growing number of studies suggests that an aesthetic environment is an important factor in contributing to children’s perceptions of the overall healthcare experience, while potentially contributing to feelings of wellbeing. Infants experience separation and stranger anxiety when they are exposed to new people and relations such as those with hospital staff.

They often have to spend long hours without their family and miss their home comforts. The presence of an unfamiliar environment in a hospital makes children scared and anxious. Hence, there is an immediate need to create a warm and welcoming environment in a hospital.

Hospital space can provide healing at all levels psychological, spiritual and physical, with the architecture and interior design affecting all of them. Providing compassionate, quality health care services in a patient and family-centered environment is important. Art helps to heighten patient and family satisfaction with the healthcare provider as well as the overall quality of care. It also increases staff satisfaction within the workplace as it gives invaluable aid to staff in either distracting children or positively engaging children receiving intensive and difficult treatments.

Art has renowned therapeutic power along with transforming sterile environments into welcoming, joyful spaces. With the first project of Start care, the vision is to contribute to turning the stressful and intimidating experience of the hospital into a more friendly one, especially for its young patients. The first hospital to benefit from this project is The Post Graduate Institute of Child Health (an autonomous Institute under the Govt of UP), located in Sector 30, Noida. The art interventions will be phased, and would be initiated over the span of a few years. For the first phase, the focus will be on the outer facade of the hospital.

Arjun Bahl, Co-founder Start India Foundation says, “We are excited to kick off the first project under the Start Care Banner. Start Care aims to bring art to and transform spaces, which are usually neglected such as Pediatric Hospitals, Old Age Homes, Orphan Homes etc. Our mission is to contribute to spaces, which are funded, by Governments, NGOs and Nonprofits by bringing visual narratives, color and vibrancy to them. Research has shown that the presence of art and color in interior spaces significantly adds to the healing process by uplifting the mood and morale of the patients, doctors and the caregivers. It also alleviates despair and uncertainty associated with these spaces. We are grateful that our vision partner Asian Paints is partnering with us on vital projects such as these. I would also like to thank the administration and faculty members of The Post Graduate Institute of Child Health, Noida for working with us on the 1st edition and enabling our vision of creating spaces where art becomes accessible to those who need it most.”Prof. Ajay Singh, Director Postgraduate institute of Child Health, says, “In association with Asian PaintsStart India foundation, there is an effort to introduce art in hospital settings to enhance the healing of children who come for both outpatient and inpatient services. In phase 1 of this project, the facade of the building is being transformed with murals of children that show happiness, nature and positivity. The creative arts and healing have been scientifically linked. Art and health have been intrinsically linked since the beginning of recorded history. Visual art, music, dance and expressive arts like storytelling have a significant impact on the minds of children. It helps in generating a positive frame of mind, gives a refuge from the emotional turmoil of illnesses, and helps focus on healing of the body and mind. We are positive that art installations such as these will go a long way in improving the outcome of our children who visit our hospital. As the next phase, a photo gallery, art installations in outpatient and inpatient wards, CT scan and ultrasound rooms, operation theatres etc. are being planned in the institute. The institute caters to super specialty care of children and is one-of-a-kind institute in our country. There are similar art installations in many children’s hospitals in developed countries.”Amit Syngle, CEOMD Asian Paints Ltd. says, “The crux of our partnership with Start India Foundation is the shared belief that art needn’t be restricted to galleries and should to be enjoyed and appreciated in public spaces. We thus joined hands with Start over 8 years ago to make art more accessible to the masses through various art interventions across the country with many talented artists and community outreach programs. We are now very happy and proud to begin work on our latest collaboration – Start Care – the first initiative under Start Care will bring much needed respite and joy to those who need it the most; patients, specifically children and healthcare staff at The Post Graduate Institute of Child Health. We look forward to unveiling this exciting art installation and hope that it will be enjoyed by all who get a chance to see it.”Artists SwatiVijay begin work on the outer facade of the hospital this month. The theme of the artwork is an interpretation of nature within the framework of urbanization. The mural will show children lifting the glass block indicative of buildings today to show nature behind it. Two other kids look on with amazement from another block, at the beauty of nature beyond mass urbanization.

Start contributes to urban regeneration and community living through contemporary urban art projects. The foundation enables a vision for democratized public spaces through interdisciplinary art interventions that are rooted in the social context. The foundation’s aim is to engage the public imagination by connecting communities and providing a platform for artists and cultural exchanges.

Since 2014, the foundation has organized multiple festivals and public art projects in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Coimbatore etc. creating iconic landmarks within all these cities. Each new edition of festivals and public art districts brings to civic spaces curated interventions, which are embedded in urban culture, and activate alternative spaces for art enabling people to reimagine how public spaces can be utilized.

For the foundation, which has been responsible for making urban art a movement in India, public art interventions are a celebration of the street as a canvas for visual creativity.

Since its foundation in 1942, Asian Paints has come a long way to become India’s leading and Asia’s third largest paint company, with a turnover of Rs. 217 billion. Asian Paints operates in 15 countries and has 26 paint manufacturing facilities in the world, servicing consumers in over 60 countries. Asian Paints has always been a leader in the paint industry,innovating new concepts in India like Colour Ideas, Home Solutions, Colour Next, and Kids’ World.

Asian Paints manufactures a wide range of paints for Decorative and Industrial use. The company is also present in the Home Improvement and Decor segment and offers bath and kitchen products. The company also introduced lighting, furnishings, and furniture in its portfolio. In the Health and Hygiene segment, Asian Paints offers a range of Sanitizers and Surface Disinfectants.

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