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Credit Score Can Help Getting Different Types Of Business Insurance


Q: Does my business need insurance?

A: If you want to pay all the money from your pocket in any unexpected situation or accident, then no. Otherwise, you have the answer loud and clear. 

Corporate insurance can cover all your business losses and damages that you would have to pay using your personal or business finances otherwise. However, as good as it sounds, it indeed comes with some hefty prices in the form of high-interest rates and hidden fees—still, the perks of having one outdone all the bad things associated with it. 

Good news! Now you can get the best possible cheap interest rates on different types of corporate insurance by using secured credit card Canada and other top cards recommended by business and finance experts. 

Maintaining a good personal credit score can land you good interest rate insurance for your start-up business. In contrast, your perfect business credit score can help you get affordable rates for your small or large-scale company. 

Do I Need Business Insurance? 

A question that almost every small-scale or home-based business owner asks himself. Do I really need to get business insurance? But, why? Things have been working fine since the start, and nothing terrible has happened. Like, you’ve been managing everything perfectly. So then, why do you need to pay a high-interest fee to increase the perks for your business? The answers are right to your questions! 

First, you need the business insurance for protection, and secondly, to make sure it stays running even after the damage. According to Forbes Advisor, some state laws make it mandatory for small businesses to get different insurance types.

Here’s how business insurance can help your business: 

  • Save your personal/business funds in case of accidental damages
  • It keeps you stress-free as the company will cover the majority of the bill with the insurance 
  • It guarantees your business stay running smoothly after the loss

There can be endless business insurance benefits for the employer, employees, and business. Let’s find out how you can enhance all these perks with the help of your good credit score.

Business Credit Score & Insurance: How They’re Related?

Business credit score and business insurance have a love-hate relationship. Yes, your bad score won’t stop you from buying insurance. However, it can indeed keep you from getting substantial discounts. And, who doesn’t like to save some pennies here and there? Well, at least, not you! So, here are some queries to make it clear for you:

Can you get business insurance if you have bad credit?

Yes! You can get it either way. Your bad credit won’t become a bane of your life from buying basic business insurance at a reasonable premium rate. Still, you can’t deny the discount offers and low policy rates a good score can help you get. 

So, you might want to consider fixing what’s wrong before applying for your business insurance. However, if you have just started your new business, you might think of getting a business credit card that can help you build the desired business score.

Do you need a business credit score for business insurance?

You don’t necessarily require a business credit score for your insurance. However, the insurance company may ask for your business data when you apply. Similar to a personal insurance application, having a good score can help you get a reduced policy price. In contrast, a bad business score means you might have to pay more on general insurance. 

What is an acceptable business credit score?

The top credit bureaus measure it according to the range of 1-100. The numbers define the business’s risk level by the missed or late debt payments. However, some insurers may also judge the application as per the 300-850 credit score. So, the final range really depends on where you reside and what type of business insurance you need. 

Generally, a business score above 50 is considered acceptable, and anything below it means your business is at a high-risk level for the insurer.

So, the relation between a business credit score and business insurance is quite direct. However, several factors are involved in deciding the rates and policy agreement. 

Types Of Business Insurance

Business Insurance

You did your research and found that, yes, indeed, you do need insurance for your business. Next thing you know, you’re swamped with the knowledge out there with endless business insurance types. You don’t know whether your business score is good for them. Heck, you don’t even know which one is perfect for your business. Or, how many do you need to protect your company and finances? Let us help you!

  • If you don’t know whether your business credit score is good enough for your business insurance or not, the safest thing to do is to keep it in the fair credit score range.
  • A guide by Experian has curated well-explained tips to help the new and experienced people in business on how they can build and improve their business credit score for good insurance rates.

Now that you know all the good things your business credit score can bring you, it’s time to find different insurance types you can get with a good score:

1. Property 

As the name suggests, it protects the place you own to run your business. Now, the terms and policy of this insurance may not cover all the incidents, and some of them are: 

  • Business fraud
  • Fake property issue to get insurance money 
  • Employers deceitful behavior
  • Natural damage (paint chipping/wear and tear due to daily use)

The insurance won’t cover the property damages under the categories mentioned above. However, corporate property insurance can be quite beneficial in other situations (reconstruction of an area or rebuilding). 

How can a business credit score help get property insurance?

You get to choose good credit-based insurance if your business score is above average. However, the final price may vary from 80%-110%, depending on your score and the company.

2. Employee Compensation

Yes, this type of insurance does exist! But, you might be wondering why your business needs to have it? It’s not directly related to your business. Why bother getting it?

  • Well, it can help you compensate the employees in case of an injury or accident while they’re on the office premises
  • It can also cover the medical pees, bill slips, and other money-related problems associated with employees (connected to your business)

The moment your business has hired an employee, it’s time to look into employee compensation insurance. 

Can work compensation affect your credit score?

Generally, it won’t show up in your credit report as the company’s compensation is not a claim but rather a reward for your hard work.

However, it can affect your score if the employer fails or denies paying the damages. Click to read a case study by InjuryClaimCoach on dealing with such a situation.

So, can your business credit score help work compensation insurance?

Well, definitely! Of course, not to that extent as employee compensation insurance has different standards compared to property, product, or professional liability. Still, even a little help with interest rates can be a lot for your small business.

3. Home-Based

Getting insurance for your home-based business might be the best thing you can do to secure and protect the firm. However, the perks might differ from an official, authorized, and registered business with an EIN. 

  • Even if you run a business online, you must get all the equipment used for the business insured (computer, machine, LED, etc.)
  • You might also be able to pull off the property insurance for your home-based business, whatever the scenario might be. You’re still running the business from a place

Do you need a business credit score for your home-based business insurance?

If your business is registered with an EIN, then yes, otherwise you can use your personal credit score for the insurance. If your credit score lands in the above-average credit change, you’ll surely get good premium rates. And that’s what you need for a small-scale home-based business.

4. Professional Liability 

Getting E&O insurance can save your company from all the lawsuits or complaints that otherwise can hinder running the business. It deals with all the errors and omissions claimed by clients or other companies. According to Rosalie Murphy, It covers:

  • Copyright
  • Bad/Poor service
  • Wrong products
  • Professional negligence
  • Breach of trust/contract
  • Worksite Injury

How are professional liability insurance and business credit scores related?

To simplify, the main factor in deciding the rates and insurance policy is probably your score. The insurance companies run a soft pull to see your performance in the credit world. So, how much you pay for your professional liability depends highly on your good score.

4. Business Vehicle 

Yes, just as you can get automobile insurance for your car, you can also apply for vehicle insurance for your business transport. It might cover the accident fee and not entirely the vehicle’s damages, but you can search it up and compare different options to choose the best one. Your business vehicle insurance might also cover any third-party injuries or even the employees involved in an accident. 

How does your business credit score play a role in it?

Credit Score

If you use your own automobile to do business chores, your personal car insurance company would most likely deal with the damage. However, if you have a separate vehicle for the business commute, the insurance company might pull a search, including your business credit score.

They will compare the reports and documents to see how well you’ve managed the finances without the insurance. Your good score will give them security which might get you a low-interest rate.

5. Product

You can only nurture your business if you know how to keep manufacturing the product and delivering it to the dedicated sites. So, the instant you stop production, your business will be doomed. And, it goes the same for home-based or corporate firm businesses.

  • If you sell software online, product liability insurance can save you from any trouble regarding the client’s response. For instance, one customer felt the battery was overheating after using your software.  
  • You can also get it for the physical products that you might use for giveaways or other reward programs

Your business credit score won’t matter much here as the claim is directly not your fault. However, some insurers will still run a check to see if these incidents are constant. Or you have used your personal finances to clear any such issue previously.

6. Natural Disaster

You don’t know when the bad things can strike your good-going business. It can be met with any natural disaster you have no control over. So, getting insured will only help your case deal with the aftereffects of the mishap on your business. 

Nevertheless, if you failed to make the payments on time due to the disaster, which took a toll on your insurance rates. So, having a good business score can come in handy when talking to the company as they can see you were always a good customer in managing your credit score. 

Bottom Line

Small or big, home-based or office-centric business, the type of business doesn’t matter much when deciding whether or not you should get a business insurance policy. Moreover, it can be the best decision to think from the damage control or business recovery perspective. Business insurance will ensure that your business can fully recover from the strike and thrive even better.

However, even if the benefits cover the whole list, the interest rates, premiums, and policy terms can be quite scary for start-ups or even experienced owners. So here come the perks of a good personal or business credit score! You have no idea how low the rates can go with your perfect score.

And, if you may compare, the results might shock you as the discount varies in 100% or even 200% ratio. Don’t worry! It’s never too late to start, so give this guide a read and take the initiative now!



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