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Dems Hope to Make Midterms About Trump, Not Referendum on Their Performance


Fearing that they can’t win the midterm elections if they focus on their performance, President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats are trying to turn the campaign into a sharp contrast with former President Donald Trump and the Republicans, Politico reported on Monday.

Democrats are particularly awaiting potential findings from the Jan. 6 select committee and hope those discoveries can inflame a battle brewing within the Republican Party over Trump’s legacy and power.

Biden recently gave a glimpse of the strategy, saying, “This ain’t your father’s Republican Party.” Biden called it “the MAGA party now,” where Republicans “are afraid to act properly, because they know they’ll be primaried” if they don’t follow in step with Trump and his acolytes, according to Politico.

However, hampering this effort is a lack of coordination from the White House, with some Democrats frustrated that there is no direction given when asked to defend such policies as the administration’s position on voting rights, Biden’s legislative agenda, and his decision to rescind Title 42, the Trump-era health directive that permits the expulsion of migrants seeking asylum.

The efforts are also harmed by three realities: Biden’s poll numbers are low, inflation is at its highest in decades, and the margins of Democrats in Congress are slim.

But the White House has renewed hope that Democrats will still have time to change the conversation, as there are signs of growing division within the GOP, Politico reported. These splits are particularly highlighted by revelations about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s critical words for Trump and right-wing caucus members after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Reinforcing that storyline, Democrats are also hoping that the House committee investigating the riot, which plans to hold prime-time hearings in June, might produce damaging findings against Trump and other key Republicans.

Another boost Biden advisers believe they received was Elon Musk’s surprise purchase of Twitter, which raises the chances that Trump will be allowed to return to the platform.

Although that would shine significantly more attention on Trump, many in Biden’s orbit believe that the more the election becomes about the former president, the better the Democrats’ chances become.

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