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Devin Nunes to Newsmax: Truth Social Launch, Musk’s New Twitter ‘Scaring the Democrats’


Truth Social’s post-beta-testing launch has been a success story in the United States and throughout the world, consistently rating at or near the top of the Apple App Store rankings.

But don’t expect Devin Nunes — the former California congressman/now CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group — to take a prolonged victory lap.

There’s still much work to do.

While speaking on “The Balance” Monday, Nunes offered an interesting post-testing revelation to Newsmax host Eric Bolling.

Just through beta analysis alone, Nunes said that regular Truth Social content providers were collecting “more interactions” than on Twitter or Instagram.

“And that’s impossible (since) we didn’t have enough people on the platform at the time.”

The presumption here: Other social media platforms were previously suppressing certain right-leaning information, for various reasons.

“We’re going to continue to be on the (rankings) charts,” predicts Nunes, who added that Truth Social will open up on other platforms — in addition to smartphones — in the coming weeks.

And all users should know: “We’re not going to censor people for their opinions,” regardless of their political leanings, says Nunes.

“We don’t have bots. We don’t tolerate some fat, liberal dude in his basement, generating a thousand fake accounts” as a means of attacking other media accounts, personalities, or the general public.

“We don’t have that. If you’re on Truth, there’s probably a 99.9 chance of all your followers being real.”

Nunes and Truth Social have more on their plate than worrying about fake accounts.

In just a short period of operation, Truth Social has apparently drawn the ire of President Joe Biden’s “Misinformation Board.”

“(The misinformation board was) precisely created to what we’re doing here at Truth Social. We’ve been open now for basically a week. We’ve been No. 1 at the (Apple) App Store for most of that time. We’re open now to millions of Americans,” says Nunes.

The Misinformation Board “knows they can’t control us here at Truth,” added Nunes.

When pairing Truth Social’s launch with billionaire Elon Musk purchasing Twitter for $44 billion, and subsequently promising to prioritize free speech for everyone on the platform, “The combination of all this is scaring the Democrats. … They see their grasp on power slipping away.”

By Nunes’ estimate, the Democrats control “95%” of the news messaging in America. “And by controlling the social-media companies, they just feed that poison right into people’s (smartphones). … And here at Truth, we’re ending that. It’s over for them.”

The brainstorm of a Trump-backed app promoting free speech wasn’t born immediately after then-President Donald Trump had been booted from Twitter in January 2021, shortly before Joe Biden took office.

However, it might have enhanced the urgency for such an undertaking.

“I’m sitting here [promoting Truth Social], and Donald Trump started this company for one reason, and one reason only: We have nowhere else go to. There was no other option,” Nunes told Newsmax on April 21.

And on Monday, Nunes beamed over the notion of former President Trump making his celebrated return to social media last week, with a simple message of, “I’M BACK! #COVFEFE”

“You never know what (Trump) will post,” said Nunes. “His posts are real,” which “helps him connect with the American people.”

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