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Devin Nunes to Newsmax: Truth Social to Be on All Devices in ‘Couple of Weeks’


Truth Social, the social media company formed by former President Donald Trump, is giving Americans their voices back, CEO Devin Nunes told Newsmax.

“They’re going to do everything they can to continue to have the tech tyrants – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram – continue to moderate what we receive as American citizens on social media,” Nunes, a former House GOP member, told Monday’s “Stinchfield.” “I always like to say that they take 95% fake news and then they jam it into people through [their] devices.

“That’s why I left Congress, and that’s why Donald Trump created his own company that I’m now running: to give the American people their voice back so that we can have free speech.

Currently available in the Apple App Store, and coming soon to other platforms, “Truth Social is America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology,” according to the company’s website.

Nunes said the platform will be coming out with a desktop application that can be run on all computers, laptops, and other devices in a couple of weeks.

“We’re only on Apple right now, so we’re going to be opening up in a couple of weeks with a web app, so you can access it from any computer,” Nunes said.

Even though it might be competition, Nunes said he is happy to see Elon Musk buy out Twitter to reduce censorship on that platform and encouraged billionaires to do the same with others like Facebook, Instagram, and the Chinese-owned TikTok.

“We created the business to do precisely this, which was to open the Internet back up and give the American people their voice back,” he said. “We hope that other big billionaires will come in and do something to Facebook and Instagram, and I think most importantly, Chinese-owned TikTok.”

Nunes also said Newsmax had topped 1 million followers on the platform in just a few weeks.

“[Newsmax] just surpassed one million followers,” he said. “Newsmax has 1 million followers on Truth, and I guarantee you that if you go back and look at the history of all the other social media platforms you’ve been a part of, you’ve never got to a million this quickly.”

Nunes said the new company is excited about opening to users on desktops and other devices.

“Wait until we open up here in the next couple of weeks, where anybody can get on from any platform,” he said.

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