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Dr. Ben Carson to Newsmax: Celebrating Abortions Is ‘Pure Evil’


People celebrating abortions is “pure evil,” Dr. Ben Carson told Newsmax on Saturday.

“All those responses of those people who celebrate killing babies, it’s nothing but pure evil,” Carson told “The Count” on Saturday, reacting to videos on social media of people saying having an abortion is something to celebrate and fetuses should be horribly killed. “It’s antithetical to many of the principles of the founding of our nation where we respect life from the womb to the tomb.”

A leaked draft of a Supreme Court ruling on an abortion case in Mississippi could overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion a right throughout the country.

In the draft opinion, which was confirmed as authentic, but not yet final by Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday, Justice Samuel Alito, writing for the majority, said the court held “Roe and Casey (a similar challenge to abortion in 1992 that the court affirmed at the time) must be overruled.”

“The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision,” the draft ruling states. “Including the one on which the defenders of Roe and Casey rely ­– the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.”

The court, according to the draft opinion, will instead revert the issue back to the states to decide on.

Backlash from the draft document’s release have caused a number of protests against the potential decision, including at the homes of the justices after their personal addresses were publicized, The Washington Post reported.

Carson said, if the roles were reversed, and conservatives were protesting in front of the homes of liberal justices, those on the left would be lamenting the end of the nation’s democracy.

“I can only imagine what the left would be saying if there were people on the right who we’re going to the homes of the [liberal] Supreme Court justices and making any kind of protest whatsoever,” Carson said. “They’d be saying, you know, ‘this is the end of democracy in America.’

“Such a double standard going on here, but I think we need to really stop and have real conversations with people instead of getting in our respective corners and throwing darts at each other.”

Carson said there are alternatives to abortion, including adoption for people who want but cannot have families on their own.

“Sometimes the [pregnant] woman feels trapped and there are wonderful alternatives for people, and there are many people who want to adopt those babies,” Carson said. “We should support them.”

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