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Dr. Oz: GOP Is Only Thing Biden ‘Has Built Back Better’


With less than two weeks before the Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary May 17, Dr. Mehmet Oz welcomed former President Donald Trump to a Save America rally, trashing President Joe Biden on his failing administration.

“Do we love President Trump, Pennsylvania?” Oz asked when given the stage by Trump during Friday night’s rally in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, which aired live on Newsmax. “Has Joe Biden made us miss him even more?

“The only thing Joe Biden has built back better is the Republican Party,” Oz added, repeating a remark he made at the Newsmax debate Wednesday, drawing a big laugh from Trump.

“President Trump leads; he sees the shining city on the hill. He sees it here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He’s fighting to save it, but he’s fighting for more.

“When you save the soul of Pennsylvania, you save the soul of America.”

Oz, who is facing a challenge from David McCormick and Kathy Barnette — who are both close behind in the polls — lamented the Biden administration unwinding the success of the Trump administration so quickly.

“The rest of the world is watching us,” Oz said. “They see a controlling authoritarian surveillance state of China. They see democracy giving rise to capitalism that President Trump made function so beautifully just 15 months ago.

“It seems surreal that has been ruined so quickly. That’s what we’re fighting for. That’s why, President Trump, it means the world to me that you’re here, sir, God bless you.”

Despite establishment Republicans, including Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, endorsing McCormick — a former official from the George W. Bush administration —  Trump was effusive in his praise and support for Oz as the best candidate to win the Senate seat in Pennsylvania in this November.

“Right here in Pennsylvania that starts with nominating the man who has by far the best chance to win Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate race this fall, my friend Dr. Mehmet Oz,” Trump told the crowd braving the rain on a wet Friday. “He’s a great man, Dr. Oz.

“I’ve known him a long time. His show is great. He’s on that screen in the bedrooms of all those women telling them good and bad, and they love him. He came into a place where we had a lot of women sitting there waiting for something unrelated, they started going crazy: ‘Is that Dr. Oz? That’s Dr. Oz!'”

Trump denounced the political attacks laid against Oz in the race, including rebukes of him having dual citizenship with Turkey and voting in Turkey in 2018.

“But he’s taken a lot of horrible, unfair and untrue shots,” Trump continued. “You know, they’re spending millions and millions. This is Wall Street. People have plenty of money. Plenty of money. They’re spending millions of dollars and treating them very unfairly.

“Dr. Oz has led an enormously successful career on television,” Trump continued, “and now he’s running to save our country — just like I do — from the radical left lunatics and maniacs. Dr. Oz is a man who truly believes in Make America Great Again or the MAGA movement. He believes it 100%, and he is in love with our country.”

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