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Gingrich: Joe Biden Has Job Performance, Policy Problem


President Joe Biden has both a “performance” and a “policy” problem, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on Sunday.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gingrich said Democrats and Biden”have totally lost their way.”

“Go to the gas pump, go to the grocery store, talk to average Americans, they feel every day the failure of government to perform,” Gingrich said.

“And he has a policy problem, which Elon Musk captured perfectly this week that they’ve now moved so far to the left,” he added, referring to an Elon Musk tweet describing the political spectrum.

Gingrich also said Musk’s political doodle shows that he’s “unbelievably smarter than almost everybody else.”

“He took everything pollsters and social analysts have been saying and political analysts and and put it into a very simple tweets, a couple simple stick figures,” he said.

“Back in 2008 he was sort of a liberal, and the liberals were fairly close to the center. Then in 2012 he was sort of in the center, and the liberals were going to the left. Now today he finds himself to the right of center, and he finds the liberals have gone crazy, they’re so far to the left. And meanwhile the conservatives in his stick figures are about where they’ve always been.”

Gingrich also alleged that money from China to the University of Pennsylvania is as big a scandal as Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“The University of Pennsylvania, that we know of, has gotten at least $67 million from Chinese sources, anonymous sources,” Gingrich claimed. “University of Pennsylvania refused to turn over information to the Justice Department in the last year of the Trump presidency. One of the major jobs of Congress should be to subpoena the University of Pennsylvania’s records…  They created the Penn Biden Center for Public Policy.”

“So you take everything that hunter Biden ever did, and then you look at what Joe Biden was doing,” Gingrich added. “The story here is not Hunter Biden. The story here is the head of the family.”

“I believe the University of Pennsylvania’s $67 million from China is a lot bigger scandal than Hunter Biden’s laptop, as big a scandal, frankly, as the laptop is,” Gingrich declared.

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