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Goya CEO Unanue to Newsmax: US ‘Softening’ Too Much Under Biden


The United States is the “greatest nation on Earth” but it’s “softening” under President Joe Biden’s policies, at a time when the hostilities in Ukraine are bringing a threat of a global food crisis, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue tells Newsmax. 

And, Unanue said on Newsmax’s “Stinchfield” Friday night that he’s not angry that ​​the administration is blaming the nation’s climbing food prices on farmers and ranchers, but said he’s “extremely disappointed” in such claims. 

“When Joe Biden was campaigning, he charged that ‘they’re’ going to put you all in chains, and basically, that’s what he’s done to us,’ Unanue said. “We’re under a type of slavery because we depend on others.”

The country has been independent in regards to food, energy, and military might, but “everything is softening,” he added.

“We took our entire wealth accumulated for years and years and years, and we gave it away to people to stay home and not work,” said Unanue. “We’re softening this country. It’s going to be the demise of us unless we work.”

Biden also declared war on fossil fuels, followed by the “incredibly horrific and disgusting withdrawal from Afghanistan that put women and 12-year-old children as sex slaves,” Unanue continued. “We showed incredible weakness and out of that, [Vladimir] Putin saw and others in China and North Korea have seen that the United States is soft and is not going to be the defender of the innocent and the defenseless.”

Meanwhile, Russia has “weaponized” the global food supply, said Unanue. 

“God created humanity,” he said. “Humanity has created every way to destroy itself from the beginning of time since Cain and Abel. We have the greatest minds. We have created nuclear, chemical, and biological [weapons] and now we are weaponizing food. “

Russia’s run over Ukraine has destroyed its farming capabilities, at a time when farmers should be planting millions of acres of sunflowers for their oil, and stopping its production of 30% of the world’s wheat and 20% of the world’s corn, said Unanue. 

Even more, Ukraine and Russia produce 50% of the world’s fertilizer supplies, and farmers in America are already seeing prices quadruple. 

“What’s that going to do to the yields, to people perhaps not planting because their costs are going up?” sid Unanue.

“They’re not going to realize the profits. Others aren’t going to realize the profits so having fertilizers so expensive is going to throw us into a crisis with food, more for the African countries and the countries over in Europe. but not so much for us because we are with Canada, big producers of wheat and corn. But we are certainly much more gluttonous and we need to tighten our belts.”

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