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Kardashians Win Defamation, Contract Interference Lawsuit Brought By Blac Chyna



A jury on Monday found members of the Kardashian family not guilty of defaming Rob Kardashian’s ex-fiancée Blac Chyna and using their influence to get the model’s reality show canceled in 2016, according to multiple reports, closing out a $100 million lawsuit brought by Blac Chyna with a win for the Kardashians.

Key Facts

In a Los Angeles court, defendants from the famous family—including mother Kris Jenner and siblings Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner—were cleared of all claims brought by Chyna, and no damages were awarded to the media personality.

Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, accused the family of scheming to get her 2016 reality show Rob & Chyna—which focused on her relationship with Rob Kardashian—canceled after it had been renewed for a second season, though the couple had broken up during this time.

Kim Kardashian was cleared of defaming Chyna on Friday by a judge.

None of the defendants were present for the verdict, as they are in New York City to attend Monday night’s Met Gala, according to Buzzfeed News.

Key Background

During the roughly two-week long trial, all four family members accused, as well as Chyna, Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble, took the stand. Before the presentation began, it was a struggle to find an impartial jury in Los Angeles of people who didn’t have strong opinions on the reality TV stars, with many potential jurors using their interviews to voice their harsh thoughts on the family to their faces. Much of the trial focused on a now-infamous 2016 altercation between Rob Kardashian and Chyna, in which several members of the Kardashian family claimed that Chyna physically attacked Rob and damaged some property. Chyna said that she was “just joking” when she pulled an unloaded gun on Rob and put a phone cord around his neck during this fight. Chyna also sued the family for defamation, saying they painted her as an abuser to network and production executives, ruining her reputation and causing her to lose out on potential earnings. Kim Kardashian testified that did not remember trying to get Chyna’s show canceled, but admitted that after Chyna allegedly abused Rob she did not want Chyna to appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Chyna’s lawyer said Kris Jenner asked E! to “ditch the b***h” and cancel the show. Jeff Olde, who in 2016 was the network’s senior vice president, said he renewed Rob & Chyna for a second season expecting the couple would get married, but when they broke up it ruined the series’ concept. “It was the Rob and Chyna show and there was no more Rob and Chyna. It was not the show we bought.”

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