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Love & Thunder Art Changes Gorr To Christian Bale’s American Psycho


A piece of fan art for Thor: Love and Thunder see’s Christian Bale’s Gorr re-enact a famous scene from the actor’s turn in American Psycho.

Thor: Love and Thunder fan art has used Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher to parody a famous moment from the actor’s iconic turn as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Taika Waititi’s upcoming sequel to Thor: Ragnarok is one of the most highly anticipated offerings from Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Chris Hemsworth returning in the titular role as the God of Thunder. The fourth installment sees Thor on a journey to find inner peace until the sinister Gorr the God Butcher threatens to eliminate all of gods across the universe.

The trailer for the film recently released and promises an exhilarating thrill-ride featuring appearances from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Valkyrie, Korg and Jane Foster as ‘The Mighty Thor’ complete with a reassembled Mijolnir. The release of the trailer marks the shortest period of time between a trailer for a Marvel Studios feature and its release, with the film only being a few months away from a July release date. The trailer notably didn’t include the film’s villain, Gorr, played by Christian Bale in a return to comic book movies since his portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.


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Now, artist, Ahmad Safwan, has produced a piece that combines Bale’s upcoming villain with one of his most famous roles, American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman. The image sees Gorr with a manic smile on his face as he lifts his sword, All-Black, prepared to strike, with the caption “Hey Thor.” This is an explicit parody of the famous moment from American Psycho, in which Bale’s Bateman cheerfully bludgeons Jared Leto’s Paul Allen with an axe while listening to “Hip to be Square” by Huey Lewis And The News.

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The piece is a hilarious crossover between the two films while also giving fans a look at what Gorr may be up to in the final film. The character in the comics is hell bent on annihilating all gods after his faith is misplaced in them amidst the death of his family. It seems the film will adhere to this backstory, with the trailer featuring the corpse of Falligar the Behemoth, in a panel ripped straight from the God Butcher arc of the Thor: God of Thunder run by Jason Aaron. While the character was absent from the initial trailers, his design recently leaked via a set of action figures for Thor 4, which features a somewhat minimal look compared to his comics counterpart, which is used in this art.

It’s unclear as to how exactly Gorr will be depicted by Waititi on screen both in terms of tone and his abilities. Waititi is often characterized by a more outlandish, comedic tone, especially based on his prior work in the Thor franchise, though, as Hela was mostly depicted as a credible threat in Ragnarok it stands to reason Gorr can be taken seriously. It’s also worth noting several abilities in Gorr’s skillset, such as being able to manifest weapons, were given to Hela for her depiction in Thor: Ragnarok. The creatives may need to alter his depiction especially as his primary weapon, All-Black, is a symbiote, the film rights of which fall under those of Spider-Man which are with Sony Pictures. However, this melding of American Psycho and Thor: Love and Thunder shows that enthusiasm from fans is already high to see Christian Bale join the MCU and deliver an engaging performance within a captivating villain.

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