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Mike Lindell Comes Back to Twitter, Quickly Suspended


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell returned to Twitter on Sunday after being banned last year, but was quickly suspended again a short time later.

“Hello everybody, I’M BACK ON TWITTER. My only account is @MikeJLindell! Please RT and FOLLOW to SPREAD THE WORD,” Lindell tweeted on Sunday, adding in a video while apparently speaking from a private plane where he said: “I’m here to tell everyone about my new account here: @MikeJLindell. That’s the only account over here on Twitter that I’m using. All those other ones are fake accounts, and they’ve been using my name out there, so we’ve started this account.”

Lindell, a prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump who has upheld the view that the 2020 election was rigged, said to “Please share it with everybody you know. Let everybody know, so we can get the word out here on Twitter, in case they do take it down.”

Lindell’s tweet comes as conservative voices are reportedly streaming back to Twitter following the announcement that Elon Musk bought the platform, with claims that accounts of several pro-Trump figures have been restored spreading online, Newsweek reported.

But despite some conservatives returning, those individuals had left voluntarily, and the rules by which Lindell and others were banned have not yet been changed, and are not likely to until Musk’s takeover is finalized.

Lindell was “permanently banned” and Twitter has not yet unbanned anyone.

Newsweek reported that just a few days ago a tweet from a “Mike Lindell” celebrating his return to Twitter, which received tens of thousands of retweets and more followers, turned out to be a fake.

The discovery was made within a day, and that account was also suspended, according to Newsweek.

Newsweek reported that it discovered other inauthentic Twitter accounts that have been created recently, including a fake Donald Trump account with 63,000 followers.

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