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NBPC President Judd to Newsmax: Loss of Title 42 Will Embolden Cartels


The problem at the nation’s border with Mexico is “just going to get worse” if the Biden administration succeeds at ending the Title 42 health-related restrictions set up during the COVID pandemic, as that will attract even more migrants to come into the United States, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said on Newsmax on Wednesday. 

“In the month of March, we expelled about 120,000 border-crossers under title 42,” Judd told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “Once Title 42 goes away, those individuals are going to have to be processed under Title 8, and because there aren’t any spaces to hold these individuals, they’re ultimately going to end up getting released, and that’s the magnet that draws so many people across our borders illegally.”

While news broke Monday that a federal judge in Louisiana said he intends to rule that U.S. authorities cannot immediately proceed with plans to lift the Title 42 pandemic restrictions that allowed migrants to be turned away over fears of the spread of COVID, Judd said he doesn’t think the judge gave a definite ruling. 

“I think that he indicated that he is going to ultimately,” Judd said. “I hope that he does because that will then force the administration to appeal, but at least during that time frame we will be able to continue to expel people.”

He added that too many of the Border Patrol’s resources are being pulled out of the field and made to handle administrative duties rather than patrolling the border. 

“When we put that uniform on, we want to go out and protect the American public, but if we don’t have the resources, we can’t do it,” Judd said “Then, of course, you can look at Del Rio (Texas). There are times that stretches of 250 miles are not being patrolled. That means the cartels have complete control and reign over that, and that’s why they’re getting so much fentanyl into the United States and that’s why so many of our children are dying today. 

“The Biden administration also does not have a real plan for what to do about the border,” after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas released a plan of “6 different pillars” to address the topic, said Judd. 

“Those pillars have already proven not to work,” Judd said. “They’re political talking points … what we have to do is we must hold people in custody pending an asylum or deportation proceeding. If we do that, they will stop coming because the vast majority of people don’t qualify for asylum under our laws, and if they don’t get released in the United States, they will stop coming. But this administration refuses to do that.”

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