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Poll: High Inflation Busting Budgets for Overwhelming Majority of US Voters


Nearly two-thirds of registered voters say they have had to reduce household expenses to compensate for rising prices attached to gas and groceries, a national poll revealed last week.

The survey, conducted by Morning Consult and commissioned by the Bipartisan Policy Center, found that 65% of voters have had to rein in discretionary spending to account for increased fuel costs. 

A total of 63% of the same group have felt obligated to conserve their spending budgets, due to across-the-board hikes with grocery prices.

Also, 37% of the respondents have had to make spending adjustments, in lieu of higher utility costs.

Rent hikes have also been an issue under the Biden administration. In the Morning Consult poll, 48% of respondents claim they’ve had difficulty affording rent over the last six months — as opposed to only 19% characterizing monthly rent payments now as “very easy.”

House, condo, or apartment owners are faring marginally better, according to the survey. In terms of paying the mortgage on time, 62% say the payments have been “somewhat” or “very” easy to make.

However, of that same poll, 34% reported having at least some difficulty with monthly mortgages.

And for overall housing, which includes utility and entertainment expenses (cable, streaming, etc.), 37% of respondents say it’s been “somewhat difficult” meeting the rising costs.

The changes are a likely result of 40-year highs with inflation in the United States; and there are fears of the prices for food, gas, utilities, and other staples continually rising.

All told, the negative poll results might not bode well for the Democrats, heading into the November midterm elections.

Republicans need a net positive of +5 seats to claim the majority in the House chamber, and just a net of +1 seat to overtake the Senate.

The Morning Consult poll also reveals that 87% of respondents believe it’s crucial for Democrats and Republicans to work together to address economic issues like inflation, deficit reduction, and tax reform, including 67% who termed this concern as “very important.”

The BPC-Morning Consult poll surveyed 2,004 registered voters online from April 15-17. 

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