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Ranking Top ‘Mark Light Milkshakes’ at UM Baseball – NBC 6 South Florida


For decades, Miami Hurricanes fans have flocked to Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field for some of the top action in the world of college baseball.

At the same time, both fans of the ‘Canes and those who couldn’t care less about the sport have had a combined bond in one thing to enjoy: milkshakes.

Yes, you read that right. For nearly four decades, Mitch Freedman and his family have been serving up the tasty treats at the same time the ‘Canes were winning national titles on the field. The ‘Mark Light Milkshake’ draws crowds from before the first pitch is thrown and gets even opposing fans (and teams) waiting in line for a taste.

What started with a portable tent and three options for just $2 each has blossomed to 34 different varieties on the menu ranging from $9 for the 12 traditional flavors (which you can add any item to for $1 each) to select named shakes and super shakes for $10 each.

With the ‘Canes being a top-10 team at this point in the season, fans will be packing The Light for the remainder of the regular season and the NCAA Regional round with a simple question: which Mark Light Milkshake should we choose?

Luckily, thanks to months of sampling the dozens of options, NBC 6 has ranked the top 10 options that bring all the fans to the yard.

No. 1  – Apple Pie (vanilla shake with apple pie)

This one might be the surprise of the whole selection, with both apple pie at the bottom and pieces of apple seemingly in the ice cream. You might want to make sure you don’t eat before choosing this option since it is quite filling.

Tied for No. 2 – Oreo, Peanut Butter, Turnover Chain (vanilla shake with cake and hot fudge)

The first two options are on the traditional flavor menu and are some of the old school favorites that fans have been sipping on for decades. Named after the football team’s chain that was in existence for five seasons, Turnover Chain is an option that flies under the radar for folks new to the game.

Tied for No. 3 – Rag Arm (strawberry shake with hot fudge), Caneshooter (raspberry shake with hot fudge), Grandma Debbie (vanilla shake with brownies) and Jelly Donut (raspberry shake with Krispy Kreme donut)

Any of these are a mouthful of flavor and a winner to choose from. Rag Arm and Caneshooter are a slight upgrade from the traditional flavors by themselves. Grandma Debbie and Jelly Donut are enough to make you need a nap afterward.

Tied for No. 4 – Baseball Buddy (vanilla shake with peanut butter and hot fudge), Red Velvet (vanilla shake with red velvet cake)

Not going to lie here, I did expect to rank red velvet slightly higher since it is my favorite kind of cake. But, a top-10 finish is still admirable for both of these that live toward the bottom of the menu list each season.

Fans will have a chance to get a milkshake this weekend when the ‘Canes host North Dakota State for a three-game series, on May 11th against UCF, May 17th against Florida Gulf Coast and the regular season finale series May 19th-21st against Notre Dame.



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