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Rep. Fallon to Newsmax: ‘Great News’ For Judge to Block Ending Title 42


A federal judge’s ruling keeping Title 42 COVID restrictions in place at the border is “great news,” because even with it in place, hundreds of thousands of immigrants are still crossing the border every month, Rep. Pat Fallon said on Newsmax on Tuesday. 

“In just these last 13 months we’ve had at least 150,000 illegal border crossers every month,” the Texas Republican said on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “That’s never happened before in our history. We had a calendar year, where we had 2 million illegal border crossings. The cartels are making about $4000 a person that crosses the border. That’s about a billion dollars a month.”

U.S. District Judge Robert Summerhays in Louisiana said Monday that he will rule that the Biden administration can’t immediately move forward with lifting the Title 42 pandemic regulations at the border. 

“People along the border are sick of the crime, the corruption, and the chaos and the cartels,” said Fallon. “President Biden has made every state a border state. Title 42 is one tool where people can be expelled and not allowed into the country. That, coupled with migrant protection protocols (remain in Mexico), are really tools to keep Americans safe, and Joe Biden doesn’t want to use either.” 

Fallon, who has participated in several tours at the border, said he’s been struck by the morale of the Customs and Border Patrol agents.

“They’re incredibly well trained,” he said. “They’re motivated to do their jobs, and they just want to enforce the laws that are on the books, and they want this administration to take essentially the handcuffs off and allow them to protect Americans.”

But with the increased cartel presence, at least 30% of women who migrate from central Mexico and Central America are raped or sexually assaulted during the journey, said Fallon.

“That’s something that the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about,” he said. “An open border is an immoral border, both for folks that live south of it and north of it.”

The Border Patrol, he added, is “doing the best” it can, including with the children who come into the United States alone.

Fallon also spoke about the death of Texas National Guard soldier Bishop Evans, who drowned Friday in the Rio Grande River while saving the lives of two migrants. 

“If the Biden administration was doing their jobs, Bishop Evans wouldn’t have been there in the first place,” said Fallon. “Those migrants wouldn’t have been drowning in the first place because 72% of the people right now that are coming across the border aren’t even from Mexico.”

Meanwhile, some Democrats are speaking out against ending the Title 42 restrictions at the border, but Fallon said it’s hard to say if they’re just making a political maneuver with the midterm elections approaching. 

“Unfortunately the overwhelming number of Democrats in Washington have proven they’re not committed to a secure border policy,” said Fallon.  

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