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Rep. Mast to Newsmax: Biden Administration ‘Doing Everything Possible’ to Make Energy Bills Go Up


Rep. Brian Mast told Newsmax Thursday that the Biden administration is “doing everything possible” to make Americans’ energy bills go up.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co,” the Florida Republican said, “That’s their day one policy.”

“It’s what they’re doing with XL pipeline, with making sure they’re getting rid of oil and gas leases, doing everything possible to make the price of fuel and heating or getting any energy into your home go up,” he said.

Referencing the White House’s oft-repeated claim that the record 8% inflation Americans are currently experiencing is “transitory,” Mast said, “It’s not transient because the administration’s policies aren’t transient.”

“They’re doubling down, and I think the number one place that all of this inflation begins, which is reducing the output of our economy, is energy,” he said.

According to a report on Thursday, the U.S. economy shrank last quarter for the first time since the pandemic recession struck two years ago, contracting at a 1.4% annual rate.

Growth in the first quarter was hindered primarily by slower restocking of goods in stores and warehouses and by a sharp drop in exports.

Mast tweeted Thursday that “Joe Biden’s policies have managed to do something that even a global pandemic hasn’t pulled off in 2 years: shrink the U.S. economy.”

“People like to use the phrase farm to table,” the GOP congressman said. “Well, there’s really no such thing as farm to table. There is farm to truck to table, there’s farm to truck to grocery store, there’s refinery to truck to gas station. There’s a truck in the middle of everything.”

“So, the root, in my opinion, of where this all began is Biden administration energy policies, which are hurting every single segment of our economy, and now we’re seeing it play out on the end of GDP,” he added.

Whether it’s at the grocery store, or the gas station, Mast said he hears about the incredible cost of living these days from his constituents constantly.

“People care about this,” he said. “It is absolutely, specifically gas – that is the number one thing that people are saying to me about where they are feeling it.”

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