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Sen. Marsha Blackburn to Newsmax: Dems Try to Force Their Way With Leak


Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts must be supported in his efforts to investigate who was behind the leak of a draft document showing a potential ruling that would turn over Roe v. Wade on abortion, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn, told Newsmax.

“I understand the FBI is working with him,” Blackburn told Tuesday’s “National Report.” “They probably worked all night to figure out how this happened. This has never happened before.”

Roberts confirmed the draft document Tuesday and ordered an investigation into the “egregious breach of trust” in leaking the document to Politico.

“What it appears is that someone, a clerk or someone within a justice’s orbit, has decided to take it upon themselves to try to derail this decision,” Blackburn said. “They’ve made this public. What we also know is that this is an attack on the integrity of the court.”

It is also important to recognize Democrats, if they can’t win legislatively, will “try to use the courts” to get their way, Blackburn said.

“If they can’t get their way at the court, they try to pack the court,” she said. “They try to filibuster judges. Then, if they can’t get their way, they go to the Senate and they say ‘we’re in charge. Let’s do away with the filibuster.'”

The Democrats’ goal “as they have stated since Barack Obama was elected president,” is to “radically transform this country,” Blackburn added. “They do not have a vision. They have an agenda, and that agenda is a to-do list that will take away your freedoms.”

Further, Democrats will go to the “complicit” media to aid in getting their way, she said. 

“We have seen it before. We have seen the left-leaked documents. We have seen them – whether it was the Benghazi committee, or when I was in the House, chairing the select committee on infant lives looking at the left selling baby body parts. What happened over and over if they don’t like what’s going on, the media is complicit so they go drop some working document or some report to the media so the media can turn around and beat up on conservatives.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in a statement Tuesday the leak must be investigated and accused liberals of wanting to elevate “mob rule,” and Blackburn said she agrees with him. 

“What Sen. McConnell is pointing to is their lack of regard for the rule of law and if they don’t get their way, and then they want to go kick up dust and they want to go around the rule of law,” Blackburn said. “They definitely think they’re smarter than those of us that live in flyover country. My goodness, we hear that them all the time.

“That is why it is imperative that we support the institution of the court, and we support Justice Roberts and trying to get to the bottom [of this] and yes, indeed, punishment to the full extent of the law. That is what they should face.”

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