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Study: Half of US Doesn’t Trust FBI


A plurality of Americans lack trust in the FBI, according to the latest Golden/TIPP Poll, although Democrats are more likely to trust the federal law enforcement agency with President Joe Biden is in the White House.

“The data speaks for itself and paints a sad picture of the federal agencies, and we don’t want to pile on,” TIPP Insights’ Editorial Board wrote in its analysis of the findings. “If they want to earn back the American people’s trust, these agencies have to work very hard.”

Almost one-fifth of Americans have no trust at all in the FBI, the poll found, as a combined 47% have little trust in the FBI, trumping the 46% combined who have at least quite a bit of trust:

  • 16% a lot of trust.
  • 30% quite a bit of trust.
  • 28% little trust.
  • 19% no trust at all.
  • 6% not sure.

Broken down by party, independent views are more in line with Republicans than Democrats. Democrats (57%) and liberals (58%) actually trust the FBI, while a majority of Republicans (55%), conservatives (58%) and independents (53%) lack trust.

The trust is even lower with the Justice Department, which is the law enforcement arm of Biden’s executive branch. A majority of Americans (52% combined) do not trust the DOJ, while a just 41% trust it:

  • 13% a lot of trust.
  • 28% quite a bit of trust.
  • 32% little trust.
  • 20% no trust at all.
  • 7% not sure.

Again, independent views align more with Republicans than Democrats and liberals in trusting the DOJ. Large majorities of independents (59%), Republicans (61%), and conservatives (57%) do not trust the DOJ, while moderates (50%) are split. But Democrat (53%) and liberal (51%) majorities do trust the DOJ right now.

The TIPP Insights poll was conducted online among 1,355 Americans from Feb. 2-4, along with James Golden, also known as Bo Snerdley, who worked on the “Rush Limbaugh Show.” The findings have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

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