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Sudanese artist creates art from natural ingredients


Sudanese artist Mutaz al-Fateh has been using special recipes for years to create his unique paint.

Ground coffee, tea leaves and shavings of fruit peel are only some of the natural ingredients he uses on his artworks.

His paintings depict scenes of everyday life in Sudan, men and women in traditional dress, as well as more abstract drawings.

“I chose natural colours to maintain the environment like extract of peels from doum (palm tree), bulbous (baobab tree), and lalob (fruit). To others they are only food products but in reality they are colours when used in the right, professional, and knowledgeable way it gives both positive energy and colours that could be utilised professionally. This is my project”, said Sudanese artist Mutaz al-Fateh.

The natural colours the artist uses are obtained through a process of extraction.

This is also helpful for aspiring artists in Sudan as it cuts the cost of expensive materials and paints.

Some of the ingredients are even free.

“For years I have been training people to learn how to extract natural colours and how to make it and also the way to make it. The materials are widely available in Sudan but people don’t know its secrets so when they sit around in a setting where they can learn about it they become more inspired”, reassures the artist.

Three years ago, Mutaz al-Fateh was one of many active artists in the streets of Khartoum painting political slogans on the walls.

Mutaz al-Fateh participated in mass protests to end the three-decade rule of hardline president Omar al-Bashir, who was eventually toppled in April 2019.



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