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Texas AG Paxton to Newsmax: Biden Will Ignore SCOTUS on ‘Remain in Mexico’


The White House refuses to follow the law and ignores the Consitution on immigration law, a trend that will continue even if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Texas and against President Joe Biden’s lawsuit over stopping the “remain in Mexico” policy, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Saturday on Newsmax.

“It appears to me that even when we get court orders and injunctions against the Biden administration, not only do they have a disdain for following federal law and following their constitutional role, they have a disdain for any court order that is against their positions,” Paxton told Newsmax’s “Saturday Report.”

The Supreme Court will hear Biden’s case Tuesday, and Paxton said he expects Texas will win “because the law is on our side.”

But it will be “interesting” to see if there will be a constitutional crisis after the decision, he added.

“Now will he, in the end, ignore the Supreme Court?” Paxton asked. “That would be remarkable and I think, it puts us in a different position than we’ve ever been in, in this country.” 

The Republican attorney general Friday filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the Biden administration from ending the Title 42 border restrictions but said that even when Texas does win rulings in some of the cases it has filed, the Biden administration disregards those findings. 

Paxton on Saturday also commented on the news that a member of the Texas National Guard remains missing after going into the Rio Grande River Friday to try to rescue an immigrant. 

“These Guardsmen, and these Border Patrol agents, are heroes for what they’re doing with no support from the Biden administration, [which] has put them in a position where they’re risking their lives for no benefit,” said Paxton. “They’re still looking for this guy, and my prayers go out to him and his family.”

The situation at the border, he added, is “extremely difficult,” but the Biden administration is “basically in some kind of partnership, whether it’s stated or not,” with the cartels. 

“They send the message to the cartels to bring as many people here as you can,” said Paxton. “It puts these border agents at tremendous risk and the Biden administration is willing to risk their lives but also not support them in any way and make them feel like their jobs don’t matter, and that’s the reality of where we are with the administration.”

The White House is also willing to risk allowing some terrorists to cross the border in its quest to “get as many people here as possible,’ said Paxton. 

“We don’t have Border agents protecting us from terrorists, not not to the degree we need,” said Paxton. “If you’re a terrorist you want to get into this country, you’re getting in and the Biden administration knows this as well. It’s a trade-off they’re willing to make.”

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