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Texas Man Who Entered Capitol on Jan. 6 With Family Members Pleads Guilty


One of five Texas family members charged in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach has pleaded guilty to illegally protesting inside the building, CNN reports. 

In a hearing on Thursday before U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell, Josh Munn, 24, pleaded guilty to parading, picketing or demonstrating in the Capitol building.

The misdemeanor count carries a potential one-year jail sentence and five years of probation, plus a maximum fine of $5,000.

Munn told Howell he drove to Washington from Borger, Texas, with his father, Tom Munn, his mother Dawn Munn, and sisters Kayli Munn and Kristi Munn with the purpose of protesting Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

“From what I could witness, I noticed someone sprayed a can of something into an officer’s face and that [escalated] into kind of a scuffle where a few people were detained,” Munn said in his plea agreement hearing. “Other than that, I did not witness any aggression from either the crowd or police.”

Munn explained that he was exaggerating in his Facebook posts where he said everything was “cool” after he and his family entered the Capitol “till the cop used tear gas that is when people got mad but still never hurt anyone.”

“I was still trying to calm myself down, so I tried to make myself bigger,” Munn told Howell. “I do regret trying to paint the officers as bad guys in that situation. They were just doing their job.”

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