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The 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs Has Surfaced a Florida Family Feud – NBC 6 South Florida


Seventeen-year-old Logan Saul is what we call a die-hard fan when it comes to his hockey team.

Logan is an unwavering Tampa Bay Lightning fan, while his parents, who are from Toronto and moved to Tampa Bay 23 years ago, strongly disapprove. 

“The Toronto Maple Leafs are just in our blood,” said Stacey Saul, Logan’s mother. “Tampa Bay, they definitely are a hockey town but they’re not Toronto.”

The Saul’s home has become a turf war with the Maple Leafs facing the Lightning in the first round of the NHL Playoffs. To prove her seriousness and prevent any chance of gloating during the playoffs, Stacey decided to play an out-of-the-box prank on her son. She relocated Logan’s bedroom to the front lawn.

“He can have his team, we have ours, but we pay the mortgage and we’re older than him. I gave birth to him,” said Stacey.

An NBC News reporter claimed to see toilet paper in Logan’s outdoor dwelling. “Well he can’t come in the house and use the bathroom,” said Stacey.

“As long as they don’t turn on the sprinkler system, it’s pretty nice,” said Logan.

Logan was originally hoping that Tampa Bay would play Toronto in the first round of the playoffs, but now he regrets that wish.

To Logan’s dismay, the first game of the series resulted in a Maple Leafs 5-0 victory over the Bolts. However, his mother did allow him some mercy by granting him an indoor invitation for the night. 

Despite Tampa Bay’s loss on Monday, Logan’s hopes remain high. He believes the Lightning can come back to win the series this year.

“There will be a lot of bragging,” said Logan. “I definitely think they owe me a big apology.”

The Maple Leafs take on the Lightning tonight at 7:30 ET for the second game of the first-round series.



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