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The Dolphins And Why Fans Shouldn’t Worry About Not Have Any Early Picks – CBS Miami


MIAMI (CBSMiami) — In recent times, Draft week has meant a lot for the Dolphins and Dolphins fans. With multiple picks, often high in the 1st round, there’s been much anticipation surrounding the NFL draft. That’s not the case this year and that’s a good thing, according to CBS4’s Steve Goldstein.

Using Picks for Assets
The Dolphins have made so many moves the last two years to bolster the current roster that they only have 4 picks in this year’s draft. The trades for star wide receiver Tyreek Hill and last year to move up to select Jaylen Waddle cost draft picks. Other deals have seen picks dealt away to speed up the process of winning. Draft picks are assets and not just to pick players. The wheeling and dealing has given the Dolphins some current firepower. General Manager Chris Grier still believes the way to build is through the draft, but saw an opportunity on the Hill trade and took it.

Limited Selections
The Dolphins have to wait a while to make their first selection, at number 102. Miami has the fewest picks in the league, 4, and two of them are in the last round. Chris Grier has said the scouting staff has done extensive work and research into non drafted college free agents. Expect the Dolphins to be active and aggressive when the draft is over.

Finding Gems
Every year people pay little attention to picks made later on the draft. And every year teams have players emerge from these later selections. That will be the trick this year for the Dolphins, to find help in the later rounds. Pass rusher and offensive line would seem to be the areas the team can bolster, but with the roster in its current form they could just pick the best players on their draft board.



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