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Today’s ‘Wordle’ #322 Answer And Hint: Saturday, May 7th


We are now at the very end of the very first week of May and I don’t know about you, but around here it’s starting to feel like summer. The last couple days have been hot, though my definition of hot is mid-70s. What can I say? I run a little warm.

In any case, we’ve had exactly one week, Sunday to Saturday, of lovely May days and lovely May Wordles, a couple of which have been kind of tricky.

The viral word puzzle game from creator Josh Wardle may not be as popular as it once was, but there’s still a committed community of puzzle-solvers playing the game each day including, of course, your humble narrator.

Let’s take a look at today’s Wordle, shall we?

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Today’s Wordle #322 Hint and Answer

Prior to proceeding, be warned: Spoilers ahead!

First, however, a hint:

At the center of it all.

Now for the answer . . . .

This was an interesting word. Not the hardest, but definitely a bit tricky since midst isn’t a word many people use all that often. It’s not exactly archaic, but it’s close.

My first guess, super, pretty much just eliminated some common letters and two vowels for me. I went with the elimination strategy for my second guess, cloud, and (according to Wordle Bot) narrowed down the possible choices to two.

Of course, I had no way of knowing this at the time or I would have guessed a word that used both ‘S’ and ‘D’. Instead, I just thought of a word that had as many common letters as possible that I hadn’t used yet. Minty just popped into my brain—I had no idea it was one of the remaining solutions available.

From here it was just filling in the blanks. I knew where the M and the I went and I had all three other letters in yellow. With a tiny bit of rearranging, midst became the obvious solution. Voila presto! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Have a great weekend dearest readers of mine!

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