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Top 5 most popular dance forms across the world


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 29 (ANI): On the International Dance day, it is essential to highlight that dance has been a part of human life ever since the very foundation of human civilization. Since then it has emerged and evolved in different forms within the different communities around the world and eventually gave birth to well-known dancing styles and forms.

Globally, a dance which is a part of every culture is an extremely detoxifying and therapeutic activity for spiritual, mental and physical health.

On the occasion of International Dance Day, Check out this list of the five most famous dance forms around the world:1. KathakKathak is a well-known dance style which has been a part of Indian culture for a long time and it is one of the Indian traditional dance structures. The word Kathak is taken from the two distinct expressions of Sanskrit which is the Indian Vedic language. ‘Katha’ and ‘Kathakar’ wherein Katha implies for Story and Kathakar mean Story Teller. Kathak started from the conventional voyaging minstrels of North India who are known as Kathakars. The Kathakars portray expressions by the looks of their eyes, countenances, and developments of their hand and feet.

2. SalsaThe salsa dance originated in 1960 in New York City. Salsa is a western dancing style that in general is performed by two individuals in pair. The weight of an artist gets shifts by venturing, the body of the artist doesn’t get impacted by the change in weight and furthermore the upper part of the body stays level.

3. BalletBallet dance originally started in Italian Renaissance courts of the fifteenth hundred years and later it turned into a dance form in France and Russia. It takes an immense amount of hard work and years to become a perfect ballet dancer. The word ‘ballet’ denotes dance. This dance form is a combination of choreography and art with light classical music.

4. Belly DanceThis dance style gets originated in Egypt. Being an expressive style of dance, it is a well-recognized fold dance of the Middle East. It is also popular for the costumes and the style quotient that comes along with it. This form of dance got came into the limelight after Shakira, a famous Latin superstar involved this dance form in her music videos.

5. Hip-Hop-DanceHip-Hop is a form of the dance style that alludes to road dance which individuals perform with Hip-Hop music. It incorporates bunches of dance styles however the essential is well known as break-dance. It began in 1970 and the dance teams of the United States made it famous. This dance style is one of the most popular dance forms in the present day.




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