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Top 7 Facial Recognition Mobile Apps In 2022


Technology is constantly changing, and transitions must occur. In the virtual environment, biometric technology has managed to bring a few ground-breaking innovative ideas, such as AI-based face detection and recognition mobile applications. 

In 2020, the worldwide facial recognition industry was estimated to be worth $3.83 billion. Mobile app development companies did not slow to a crawl behind, and they, too, got on board. 

Face recognition apps have improved the security of smartphones as digitization has increased. In addition, face recognition software and apps aid in regulating false allegations and reducing cyberattacks and spyware attacks. 

Here, we will discuss the top 7 applications to consider. But before that, let’s know how the technology works.

What is the Process of Facial Recognition?

Face recognition technology performs based on image processing technology, with the image inputted being either still form or video. It is typically a five-step procedure that encompasses:

  • Facial Detection
  • A face’s alignment
  • Consideration of highlighted features
  • Comparing the features of both images
  • The results

So, it is a fundamental process in which the application can detect a face and correctly aligns it. 

Then it appears to work on retrieving important features such as nose, lips, and eyes that can be equaled and afterward compared with the other images and videos, finally providing the end outcome.

Benefits of Using Facial Recognition in Smartphone Applications

Businesses and organizations can profit from using facial recognition software in various ways. Many interested parties believe that, with effective regulation, face recognition has tremendous potential. 

As a result, several companies added this feature to the list of app ideas for face recognition apps. 

Here, we will discuss the top advantages of facial recognition technology.

1. Enhanced user involvement

Facial recognition applications can help your company’s user engagement and retention. 

Just hire qualified mobile application development companies to create a feature-rich application for your business that can read your consumers’ facial gestures and recognize their faces. Businesses can provide personalized services to their clients in this manner.

2. Security

App developers are using the technology to differentiate human faces from images. In addition, some popular face swap apps like reface app offer security to the users. 

The main purpose of such apps is to improve the security and privacy of users’ digital assets and financial data.

Top 7 Facial Recognition Applications to Consider

 Facial Recognition

According to general statistics, 86 percent of adults in the US are aware of facial recognition technology. As more people become aware of it, the demand for these technologies grows. 

As a result, almost all ios app development companies use this technology. We’ve listed the top seven such applications to think about.

1. Luxand (Android and iOS)

The Luxand is a face recognition app and a framework that includes Face SKD, which is important for surveillance, biometric identification, access control, and other applications. 

This old technology was introduced in 2005, and currently, more than 50,000 devices have installed this application.   

It is used in access monitoring and protection by major technology companies and large organizations.


  • Remembering the expression for reference purposes,
  • Able to detect up to 70 distinct facial features,
  • Face recognition that is stable and resistant to changes in lighting
  • Offering total privacy for all involved parties.

2. AppLock (Android)

AppLock is one of the greatest facial recognition apps because it guarantees access only to the user’s social media apps, personal information, and financial accounts. 

It is used not only for smartphone face recognition but also for voice commands for safety reasons. 

Face and voice recognition act as passwords and biometric keys that unlock your applications.


  • If voice or face authentication circumstances are too harsh, make a backup authorization.
  • It works even when you are not connected to the internet.
  • Uses a combination of face and speaker recognition technology to facilitate a seamless and secure experience.

3. FaceApp (Android and iOS)

This face detection app was first published in 2017 for iOS phones only, but it quickly gained prominence on Android. It has nearly 100,000,000+ installs over Google Play Store. 

Among the other apps in this theme, it is the most well-known celebrity face detection app. People began showing pictures of their former selves on FaceApp, which began a trend. 


  • It recognizes celebrities and allows users to post old and new photos, similar to other media applications.
  • It has AI-powered aesthetic features that are cutting-edge.
  • FaceApp allows users to end up replacing the backdrop with a single click or even apply lens blur and color filters.

3. Railer (iOS and Android)

Railer is the greatest technology for managing attendance in schools, colleges, offices, or other organizations. The Railer app is a face-matching app for attendance that uses facial recognition. 

Based on the organization, it’s among the best face recognition apps for tracking students or worker attendance. In addition, the app’s integration of BioId connect technology makes it possible to do as little manual work as possible.


  • It has a unique face detection algorithm that detects faces with 99.7 percent accuracy.
  • A one-touch alternative that provides a liveliness check (Fake Recognition)
  • Provides a robust native library as well as QR code support.

4. Face DNA Test (Android)

Among the other face detection and recognition mobile applications, Face DNA Test is the most sophisticated app. 

This takes a person’s face resume and sequentially determines the specific facial points. Then, it compares them to some other individuals to see if the two persons are related. As a result, this application offers 99% accurate face recognition results. 


  • Using the app’s algorithms, authenticate the relationship between family members.
  • Examine the siblings’ facial profiles.
  • It compares the anatomy of two people using 68 different facial points.

5. Blippar (iOS and Android)

Blippar is a fantastic app that enables students to understand their environment. Users can scan anything they wish to discover more about using this face detection app. 

The app would then tell them all it could. It primarily functions like object recognition. It enables users to create augmented reality (AR) experiences from everyday items and locations. 

For example, if the user scans a symbol, it can explain which brand it is.


  • The user can scan a package or product bearing the Blippar logo.
  • The app provides augmented reality (AR) experiences from ordinary items and locations.
  • Acknowledge human faces as well as animals and plants.

6. Face2Gene (iOS and Android)

The Face2Gene is a face detection app developed for healthcare professionals and is not intended for general use. Without any medical training, users won’t use this app. It investigates how next-generation phenotyping can enhance patient assessment. 

The app enhances clinician strength and bioinformatics by prioritizing genetic diseases and variants in the land and clinic.


  • Identifies genetic disorders and monitors dysmorphic features.
  • Users receive ongoing comments and feedback on their situations.
  • Healthcare experts have their communities or community groups.

Bottom Line

Face detection and recognition apps are the most recent aspects of advanced technologies that have kept increasing over the years. 

These facilities detect identity in academic institutions, offices, and retail stores. If you want to use this technology, we have compiled a list of the top 7 face recognition apps for you to consider. 

In addition, you can learn about their features and choose the best one for your niche by reading about them.



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