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Trump Returns to Truth Social: ‘I’m Back! #COVFEFE’


In his first Truth Social post since the soft launch of the app on iPhones about two months ago, former President Donald Trump announced his return to social media on his own platform Thursday.

”I’m back! #COVFEFE,” Trump posted on the app, which is still available only on iPhone and Apple products.

The ”covfefe” is a reference to a late-night tweet that media erupted over when Trump was president. Trump chose to leave the tweet up in a moment of self-deprecation, despite apparently having been posted in error.

The post included a photo of him on his phone on a golf course putting green, presumably in Florida, because of the palm trees in the background. The internet link to share the post links to this page, which is not active on web browsers outside the Apple app.

There were more than 51,700 ”reTruths” (shares) and more than 127,000 likes on his post.

In his first post after the beta launch, Trump wrote: ”Get ready! Your favorite president will see you soon!”

Trump had remained silent on the app since, until Thursday evening.

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