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Ukraine Ambassador to US: Country ‘Preparing for Everything’


Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States on Sunday said her country is “preparing for everything” as Ukraine’s military goes on high alert ahead of Russia’s “Victory Day.”

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Oksana Markarova said “we know there are no red lines for the regime in Moscow.”

“We’re preparing for everything,” she said. “They said they will not go into — that they were not going to attack us, and they did. They said that there is no war in Ukraine for the past eight years, and we know [there] was. They said they didn’t take the Crimea and they did. They said they’re not killing civilians, and yet we see everywhere the deaths of women, children. They torture them, they rape them, they kill them.”

“So you can count that Putin and imperialistic Russia will do everything bad they can possibly try to do,” she continued.

According to Markarova, if Putin talks about conscription and the war with Ukraine on Monday as expected, it would be the “first time when Putin will say the truth, that it is war and that he is in dire need of conscripting soldiers.”

“I hope that then it will be evident to all Russians what they are doing in Ukraine. That it’s an aggressive war,” she said. “They attacked a neighboring country, a peaceful country. And the question is, are they prepared to have more tens of thousands dying in Ukraine for no reason at all?”

But the question could be asked more widely, she said.

“The question is, are we all prepared, the civilized world, to do everything possible to defend our democracy and freedom?” she said.

“And Ukraine certainly is not only ready, but shows for the past 74 days that we bravely defend those values and defend our homes.

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