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Wellness Tech To Help You Take a 360-Approach to Health


This January, it’s time to take it easy and hone in on healthy habits that you can live with for an entire trip around the sun—and beyond. We’ve enlisted the help of industry experts to put together three four-week plans designed to help you move your body, eat more sustainably, or show yourself some loving care. Pick a plan—or three—and hit refresh. Get the Program

What works for you can change over time—especially when it comes to your health. So, if staying up ‘til 3 a.m and drinking eight cups of coffee a day worked in your early 20s, you can imagine that the results won’t be the same in your 30s and beyond.

As you age, your body comes up with fun ways to tell you ‘hi, we can’t function this way anymore.’ Think: Developing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after lugging your groceries inside or having major brain fog even after what has always been plenty of sleep for you.

If that sounds relatable at all, this new year might be the perfect time for a well-being check-in. And after you take inventory of where your health could use a boost, you can start assembling the tools you need to support it: solid nutrition, consistent movement, lots of water, and a few pieces of wellness tech from Best Buy. From a heart-monitoring smartwatch to sound-blocking earbuds, these devices can help you take a 360-degree approach to supporting your health—so you can be sure your wellness routine is working for you today.

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Man wearing Fitbit Sense fitness tracker, orange jacket, orange shirt, man's arm

Fitbit Sense — $300.00

Managing your health is easier when you’re able to track your progress, and this advanced health smartwatch helps you do just that. With tools for heart health, stress management feature, sleep tracker, and skin temperature sensor, you’ll have all the health data you need to stay tuned into your body, right on your wrist.

Plus, Sense unlocks a six-month Fitbit Premium membership* for new users which includes personalized tools like Daily Readiness—so you can do what’s best for your body.

*New and returning Premium users only. Valid payment method required. Free trial must be activated within 60 days of device activation. Cancel before free trial ends to avoid subscription fees. Terms and conditions apply.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle — $2,000.00

Need a little help getting motivated to work out? This smart bike can help with that. Through an HD touch-screen, you can enjoy a one-on-one workout with a world-class iFIT trainer (consider them your personal cheerleader). It’s about as close to in-person training as it gets without actually driving to a studio, since your trainer can digitally adjust your resistance levels as they guide you through your workout.

Withings BPM Connect — $100.00

Did you know the American Heart Association recommends monitoring your blood pressure at home for half of American adults? Whether you have hypertension and you want to share your blood pressure metrics with your doctor, or you just believe more is more when it comes to tracking your health data, Withings BPM Connect can help you do it with medically accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurements that automatically sync to your phone via Wi-Fi and the free Health Mate app.

Shark Air Purifier 6 — $450.00

Working on your health from all angles includes taking a look (figuratively, of course) at the air quality in your home. If you’re someone who feels better in a refreshing environment, then you’ll want to try this air purifier. With Clean Sense IQ™ technology, six powerful (but quiet) fans, and an anti-allergen HEPA filtration system, no odor stands a chance.

Bose Sleepbuds II — $249.00

High-quality sleep might be the most elusive wellness focus of them all. If you struggle with sleep (and come on, who couldn’t use more of it?), these Sleepbuds are an innovation you’ll love. They deliver relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep, and use Bose noise-masking technology to help you stay asleep. You’ll wonder how you ever slept without them.

CLMBR Connected — $2,400.00

If you’re short on space, but still want an option for taking your at-home fitness routine up a notch, CLMBR is the wellness tech for you. It takes up just 33 square inches of space at the base, while allowing you to do high-intensity cardio and resistance strength training that can activate 86 percent of your muscles in a single workout. That’s a serious sweat sesh.

Withings Body+ Body Composition Smart Scale — $79.00

Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind?: I wonder if I’m actually gaining muscle. Will the weather be nice enough to go for a walk today? Is my baby gaining weight at a healthy rate?

If they have, you might like the Withings Body+ Body Composition Smart Scale, which tracks way more than just weight. It monitors full body composition (including BMI, total body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass), it can switch to Baby Mode to help you accurately weigh your little one if you’re a parent, and it will even share a localized weather forecast when you step on.



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