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Which Fitness Mirror Is Right for Your Home Gym?


Home gyms have gotten a serious upgrade from the days of your dad’s old bike-and-dumbbells setup in the garage. Next-level workouts no longer require bulky equipment taking up too much square footage. The future of home fitness is here—and it looks good

Today, sleek, high-tech, and uber-functional fitness mirror home gym devices are taking the world of fit tech up a notch in the most stylish way. They can bring interactive classes right into your home, without getting in the way of other furniture or distracting from the aesthetics of the rest of the room.

But with multiple options available, which one is the best fit for you?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Some come in an all-in-one packages, with all the weights and accessories you need to complete the workouts shipping right alongside your mirror. (Or, in the case of Tonal, smart resistance handles even come built into the mirror itself.) There are also interactive options that offer real-time feedback on your form to make sure you’re completing each session safely and injury-free.

Read on to find the mirror-based device with the features that match your workout style.

Find the fitness mirror home gym option for you


The Mirror — $1,295.00

The 411: This smart home gym mirror, aptly called Mirror, goes from elegant home décor to impressive high-tech fitness center effortlessly. The carbon steel frame comes with a bronze powder coating and mounts directly onto the wall or rests on a stand. Choose from more than 10,000 workout options on demand (live classes are also held daily), and enjoy weekly curated classes from top-tier instructors.

Price: Packages range from $1,295 to $1,845, depending on how many accessories you’d like to come with the mirror and stand, plus a $39 per month subscription. A 30-day trial lets you try it out risk-free.

Who is it for? The minimalist looking to save space without skimping on high-quality at-home workouts.


Tempo Studio Starter Package — $2,495.00

The 411: Tempo’s claim to fame is all about guidance and not guesswork. The technology is impressive: Using a “3D Tempo Vision,” a 3D sensor tracks your movements and counts your reps, thanks to the “Tempo Smart Weights,” then delivers real-time feedback on your form for safe training. Maybe you’re not squatting low enough or you are arching your back too much—the sensor will catch it and a trainer on screen will share tips to correct you.

Price: It’s $495 for the Tempo Move app that uses the same technology but through your iPhone and TV screen. The Tempo Studio Starter Package with the freestanding mirror plus dumbbells and 75 pounds of weight plates is $2,495. Membership costs an additional $39 per month.

Who is it for? The strength-training fiend who wants interactive feedback. You need a tiny bit more space for this freestanding system (it’s a little over two feet wide and almost one and a half feet deep), but the weights are easily stored in the below compartment.


Tonal — $3,490.00

The 411: Tonal provides personalized strength training that adapts to you with built-in smart resistance handles. The all-in-one setup ditches plates, barbells, or bands, and instead uses dynamic weight that’s personalized to your body. After an evaluation of your needs, Tonal’s digital weight system “makes thousands of calculations a second to deliver you a smooth lifting experience using magnets and electricity.” By eliminating inertia, the machine increases resistance throughout the entire rep for a more efficient and effective workout.

Price: For starters, Tonal offers a 90-day trial. The system comes with a variety of smart accessories like a rope, bench, roller, and smart bar for $3,490 total, plus a $49 per month membership.

Who is it for? Those who are looking for serious resistance training without having weights and dumbbells taking up their space.


Reflect Touch Smart Fitness Mirror — $1,500.00

The 411: Echelon’s Reflect Touch Smart Fitness Mirror brings 40 live classes to your home daily (plus over 3000 pre-recorded options) with the touch of a finger. This home fitness center installs flush to your wall. Sync up with your Apple Watch or iPhone to track and monitor progress. Bonus? You can also add one of Echelon’s Smart Treadmills or Connect Bikes for an even more complete home gym under the same membership.

Price: The Echelon Reflect starts at $749.99, and the Reflect Touch at $1,499.99. Add on the app subscription for $399 and you’re ready to go.

Who is it for? Someone not looking for extra bells and whistles, but who wants to show up and get moving at the touch of a screen that takes up zero space.


Interactive Smart Fitness Mirror — $1,495.00

The 411: The newest player in the high-tech fitness mirror game, FITURE just launched its “Industry-First Motion Engine™ Technology” this spring. What sets this system apart is not only its smart motion sensors that recognize and correct your form with real-time feedback, but how it uses gesture and voice control for a simplified workout experience—no more fumbling between an app, watch, and mirror. Beyond access to thousands of classes, users can also build a custom workout by selecting movements, along with lengths and reps, from an expansive catalogue. FITURE comes in a sleeve mirror available in five colors to seamlessly fit into your aesthetic, either leaning against the wall or mounted on it.

Price: The $1,495 package includes a heart rate monitor, resistance bands, water bottle, and even face masks. The $39 per month membership is separate.

Who is it for? The home gym fan who wants a seamless workout experience and options to customize their training sessions.

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