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Workout Motivation Tips To Reinvigorate Your Workouts


Your motivation to start a workout routine is never stronger than at the beginning, regardless of whether you’re an everyday runner trying out a new training program or a once-a-week gym member excited to get back into things.

Inevitably though, your enthusiasm will start to fade, and that’s when knowing how to become your own cheerleader is clutch for pushing you through the days you’d rather sleep in than break a sweat.

“Think of it as the beginning of a race,” says Kayley Watson, owner and founder of KW Fit and lead trainer at BODYROK Studios in New York City. “At the start, everyone is excited and energized, and the reality of how much work the race will actually be hasn’t set in yet. Once the starting-line excitement wears off and there’s no one on the sidelines to cheer you on, that’s when the real race begins and you have to remember why you signed up.”

To help you tap into your why once the starting-line excitement of January starts to fade, we asked Watson to share her advice for keeping your motivation dialed up into February and beyond. Her top three tips? Find a committed workout buddy, set small, quantifiable goals, and switch things up to make sure you’re having fun while working out.

She shares more details on each tip below, and we rounded up the workout gear and fitness devices (all of which you can get from Walmart, the one-stop shop for everything you need to power your wellness goals this year) you can pair with her intel to really keep the motivation flowing in 2022.

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NordicTrack Studio Bike with 7” Smart HD Touchscreen — $607.00

If your workout routine is feeling stale, changing modalities can have a big impact on making fitness feel exciting again. “Switching up your strength training program and reassessing your progress and goals every so often will keep it interesting, motivating, and fun!” Watson continues. “Having smaller benchmark goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated in the short-term while reaching for a longer-term goal, or even just trying to stay active.”

Make the switch by trying a new workout class or investing in a new piece of at-home equipment, like this studio bike that provides access to live or on-demand workout videos and interactive training virtually.


ProForm 750R Smart Rowing Machine with Digital Resistance — $599.00

Cycling not your thing? Try switching up your scenery with rowing instead. It’s a great way to get a full-body workout, and the ProForm smart system allows you to queue up a new setting every time, like the English channel or Portuguese sea, so you’ll never get bored of staring at the blank wall in front of you.

Just Dance 2022 – Nintendo Switch — $30.00

“Nothing will pump the brakes on a workout routine faster than forcing yourself to do workouts you absolutely hate. We’ve all been there,” Watson says. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your workouts, and try out this immersive dancing experience. Bonus points if you invite friends over and turn it into a “group workout” in your living room.

vega protein powder

Vega Sport Premium Plant Protein Powder — $40.00

It’s hard to stay motivated when your muscles are sore and your body is tired—which is why proper nutrition actually plays a big role in sustaining your workout routine. Protein helps your muscles repair post-workout, so after you push through your last set and transition to cool-down stretches, mix yourself up a quick protein shake with this plant-based protein powder. Your motivation (and your muscles) will thank you tomorrow.

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch — $129.00

One of Watson’s top tips for staying motivated is leaning on technology to invite community into your fitness routine. “There are many apps and programs you can join (many for free!) that allow you to track, compare, and share your workouts with members of the community, your friends, and post to social!” she says. One way to do that is by adding friends on your smartwatch and challenging them to weekly competitions to gamify your movement goals.

Overall, the important thing is having someone you can turn to as an accountability partner. “It can feel very isolating once the new-ness of getting into a new workout routine has worn off,” Watson says. “If you have a friend who relates and can keep your spirits up and inspire you, you’ll be much more set up for success.”

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